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UTSOPI is the Belgian Union of Sex Workers. They are governed by sex workers and run together with allies. They strive for agency, autonomy and rights. More rights means more choices. They strive for independence: the independence of their choices, their bodies, their lives.


Developing a dynamic and functional website for UTSOPI based on the design provided by Studio Mast


Created a website using my favourite CMS, Craft CMS

An accessible place for information

There was a need for rebranding and a modern website for UTSOPI. The new website needed to be a digitally accessible point for information and help for sex workers in Belgium.

The beautiful website design and rebranding was created by Lieselot of Studio Mast. Together with the client she shaped and structured the information that needed to be on their website. I took this amazing design and transformed it into a dynamic and functional website using Craft CMS.

  • A visitor can easily keep abreast of new information and events through their news and events channel
  • Their FAQ page allows visitors to get quick answers to their questions
  • In a few clicks you can get in touch with the right person who can help you
  • A collection of toolboxes from UTSOPI itself and from third parties
  • A collection of resources related to sex work
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Discretion is key

For UTSOPI, discretion is key. Normally, tracking and marketing scripts such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel are added to the website to analyze visitor behavior and optimize ad campaigns. But here a conscious decision was made not to do so so that you can search for information and help on the website with discretion.

An easily searchable website

UTSOPI has a collection of information scattered across pages, toolboxes, resources, and so on. All of this content is made searchable by Craft CMS' built-in search index. UTSOPI itself can also add additional keywords to certain content to make it more visible in the search function.

All the different content channels are combined by the search function. This way, visitors can easily start searching for certain content through any page.

Let’s get technical

To build out the website, we chose to work with my favorite CMS, Craft CMS. This CMS has proven its worth time and time again in other projects. It provides an intuitive authoring experience, an excellent content modeling system, a pleasant development experience and a perfect basis for scaling your business.

  • Using Craft CMS’ built-in search index to make content searchable
  • For the front-end, Bootstrap is used. A powerful, extensible, and feature-packed front-end toolkit. Using it’s components as building blocks for different features like buttons, modals, forms, …
  • Amazon S3, a simple cloud storage solution for assets
  • CloudFront, a lightning fast and secure CDN to serve assets from the S3 bucket

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