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Odontolia makes it easy to find a dental practice near you. The Odontolia group comprises over 30 friendly, welcoming clinics throughout Belgium. We made a modern & responsive website powered by Craft CMS based on the design provided by Purple Panda


Developing a new website using the design created by Purple Panda and integrating the job platform platform TalentFinder


We chose Craft CMS to build the website to allow the client to manage content themselves. Through a custom module, we created an integration with TalentFinder to import and display job listings on the websites.

Quick development

Developed on a freelance basis for Purple Panda, this was developed with a quick turnaround based on Adobe XD files provided to me. Using the power of Bootstrap and by styling its components to minimise reliance on third party dependencies.

Odontolia Homepage

Scalable and developer friendly stack

The stack for this build was Craft CMS, Bootstrap and Sprig. Craft CMS provides all the content management features and the framework to easily build custom modules. Bootstrap provides an easy front-end framework to quickly build front-end components. Sprig makes it easy to create reactive components from Twig templates, like the filter for the practices.

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