Completely revamped website for Oorlogsgravenstichting

Published: 09 December 2022
Updated: 27 September 2023

Oorlogsgravenstichting maintains all basic information about the 180,000 war dead it has registered since World War II. In addition, the foundation maintains 50,000 war graves worldwide. War Graves Foundation had a victim registration system with which it managed the basic data of war victims and war graves. However, that central application had been developed with now obsolete technology. Moreover, it offered too little flexibility and ease of use. For the smallest adjustment, the foundation had to call in the software supplier: an inefficient and time-consuming way of working. The website had the same problem. There too, the content management system had become outdated.

Oorlogsgravenstichting nl

Future-proofing data and content management

For the CMS of the website, we chose to work with Craft CMS. Craft is an affordable, modern, open-source CMS with excellent security and first-party support. This CMS is a perfect foundation to build a scalable website that is Intuitive and user-friendly for the client. The dashboard to manage their content is completely set up to suit their needs.

The victim registration system was also completely revamped by EsperantoXL. They got to work with WEM, a no-code development platform that allows non-programmers to easily build applications. Employees from the business without specialized IT knowledge can use it to model applications quickly and easily.

Oorlogsgravenstichting nl admin entries

Fast and relevant search engine

The huge database of victims and war graves must be easily searchable by people on the website. For this search engine, we used Meilisearch. An open-source, lightning-fast and hyper-relevant search engine. In a very flexible way, we can index data from the website and make it searchable in this search engine. The integration between the CMS and the search engine is built to be completely automatic and up-to-date.

Www meilisearch com

Targeted and close cooperation

EsperantoXL took care of the overall project management, but also provided operational support for the construction of the new technology platforms and the transfer of all relevant data and content. Working closely together, we were able to integrate the data flow from the new SRS to the new CMS in a very efficient manner.

By combining our expertise in different areas, we were able to provide War Graves Foundation with a digital infrastructure that is user-friendly to manage and scalable into the future.

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