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Oorlogsgravenstichting maintains all basic information about the 180,000 war victims it has registered since World War II. In addition, the foundation maintains 50,000 war graves worldwide. War Graves Foundation had a victim registration system with which it managed the basic data of war victims and war graves. However, that central application had been developed with now obsolete technology. Moreover, it offered too little flexibility and ease of use. For the smallest adjustment, the foundation had to call in the software supplier: an inefficient and time-consuming way of working. The website had the same problem. There too, the content management system had become outdated.


Rebuild their old website using newer technology with a focus on easy content management and an integration with the new SRS (Slachtoffer Registratie Systeem) that EsperantoXL developed. Users should be able to easily search for victims in their database.


We used Craft CMS to rebuild their old website for easy content management and added an automatic sync with their new SRS. For the search engine we used Meilisearch and created a custom integration to sync data to the search engine.

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