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An independent web designer & developer from Belgium who cares, builds relationships and has industry experience.

A developer/designer with expertise.

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Web Design

A website is a brands most important marketing tool. It can deliver rich content, to a wide audience in a short period of time.

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Sell products online to your customers 24/7 via payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Shopify.

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Increase the visibility of your website within search engines such as Google to increase traffic and revenue. Everything we do is organic.

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Craft CMS

Craft CMS is my choice of content management system (CMS), that puts you in control of your content & layout.

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Craft Commerce

With Craft Commerce it’s never been easier to create beautifully bespoke e‑commerce experiences.

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Web Development

Utilising the latest technologies, I build websites so that you can easily update and manage content yourself.

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KU Leuven
Gezond Leven
Vlaams Brabant
Bodhi Cycling

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4 oktober 2023
Robust Craft CMS deployments with Buddy

Learn how to use Buddy pipelines to automatically and safely deploy changes to your Craft CMS website

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26 juni 2023
Craft CMS
Why I use Craft CMS

There are loads of CMS frameworks to choose from, I always choose Craft CMS. Why? Let's find out!

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14 juni 2023
Go-live checklist for for a successful launch

Time to double check your stuff and to put the dots on the i's

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Sana Sellami
DevelopmentSupportCraft CMS

Sana Sellami, an esteemed inclusion expert and strategist committed to driving organizational growth through the power of diversity and inclusion.

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Odontolia makes it easy to find a dental practice near you. Our group comprises over 30 friendly, welcoming clinics throughout Belgium.

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Craft CMSDevelopmentSupport

Marketing strategist and inclusivity specialist with years of experience developing campaigns and strategies that prioritize diversity and inclusivity.

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