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Rubey makes it possible to co-own masterpieces and that they do not disappear into private collections. This is made possible with Art Security Tokens, a regulated and recognized financial product.


Develop a professional website where content and pages can be managed and created by the client. Provide e-commerce features so Art Security Tokens can easily be bought.


I developed a website with Craft CMS and provided a strong "content builder" using the powerful matrix fields Craft provides. Also using Craft Commerce for all the e-commerce features

Extensive content builder

The client wanted the ability to choose between a variety of blocks to build pages. So I chose to work with Neo, a matrix type of field that enables to build easy to use blocks inside Craft CMS.

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Showcase Artworks

Rubey can easily add artworks to the website by using the Craft CMS control panel. For each artwork they can provide the necessary information and they can connect the option to easily buy Art Security Tokens for the artwork. This way visitors can easily invest in Art Security Tokens

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