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JR Consulting is a real estate firm operating in Tienen, Leuven and surrounding areas.

I designed and developed their website to drive their growth through a total brand overhaul, including a re-brand and new site design. It also features a Whise integration for an automatic sync of their properties.


Building a dynamic website where content managers can manage the content and getting the properties from Whise onto the website.


I build the website with Craft CMS so the client can manage the content. I also added a custom integrating for an automatic sync of the properties from their Whise account.

Their old website was just a long list with properties where people couldn't search or filter what they were looking for. The new website now features a search and filter for their properties.

JR Consulting uses Whise as their online real estate CRM. All of their properties are managed via this tool. With the Whise API I integrated their listings to automatically sync into their website.

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