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Published: 26 June 2023
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Clients want to be able to edit and manage the content on their website. A place where they can click some links, type some text in fields, click save and see their changes appear on their website.

That's why I choose to build all my websites with a CMS (Content Management System). There are a lot of different CMS frameworks to choose from, but I will always use Craft CMS for the job. I am confident in offering them a better service and experience.

Content modeling

Craft CMS offers a robust content modeling system, empowering developers to design personalized content structures and fields, streamlining the management of intricate data and content.

By leveraging the content modeling system in Craft CMS, developers gain the ability to construct sophisticated content architectures and establish connections between various elements. This enhances the efficiency of content administration and presentation across websites and web applications. Furthermore, the system's adaptable nature allows for customization to align with specific project requirements.

Within Craft CMS, content organization relies on a hierarchical arrangement of Sections and Entries, effectively categorizing different content types prevalent on the website.

Furthermore, developers have the flexibility to create tailored Fields, enabling precise definition of content within each Section and Entry. These Fields encompass diverse options like text, rich text, assets, categories, and matrix, complemented by supplementary features such as validation rules and default values.

Front-end development

Craft CMS prioritizes developers by offering a meticulously crafted and comprehensively documented codebase, along with a flourishing community of developers and a dedicated support team.

The CMS provides developers with an expansive and ever-expanding assortment of plugins and extensions, enabling them to effortlessly enhance the platform's capabilities and introduce novel features.

Additionally, the dynamic community of developers and users actively collaborates, sharing expertise, providing assistance, and actively contributing to the ongoing advancement of the platform.

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