What is a Content Management System?

Craft CMS

So a CMS is a tool that allows you to add content to your website without having to write code. Instead of having to build your own system to build pages, store images or other functions, a CMS provides the infrastructure that allows you to do this. This allows the user to focus on adding content.

Published: 29 June 2020
What is a Content Management System?

How does a Content Management System work?

To build a website without a CMS you have to code HTML pages yourself and upload them to a server. For many people this is quite difficult because they do not have the knowledge or time for this.

With a content management system you can easily build your content in a user-friendly interface.

What is a Content Management System? - CMS

Also for uploading and managing media there is an interface so you do not have to deal with the server directly.

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Which CMS should I choose?

Most content management systems today are quite flexible. While there are some that focus on a specific use - such as Magento and eCommerce - most popular content management systems can be used to create any type of website.

Some examples of popular CMSs:

Now which one is the best CMS? This is a bit like asking, "Which flavor of ice cream is best?".

Everyone is going to have their own preference, both the user of the system and the developer who has to work with it. Our personal preference is Craft because this system is very flexible to build custom projects with.

How do I start building my website with a CMS?

To use a CMS on your website, you must have it installed on your server. Installation is usually very simple. The most popular systems have created interfaces to guide you through the installation process, including creating a database and changing file permissions. To make it even easier for you, your hosting provider may have already taken care of most of the configuration options with a "1-click install" feature.

Some systems are a little more difficult to install on a server, such as Craft, and are best left to a developer. Once installed, they are easy to use and usually more convenient for a developer to work on in the future.

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