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Support & maintenance

Is your new website live and experiencing a problem or have questions?
I'll be glad to help you out. 🤝

What can I help you with?

On request I provide:

  • adjustments, both minor and rather structural
  • developing extensions or new modules for your website
  • managing and configuring hosting environments and domain names
  • support and guidance in (or refreshing of) the use of the CMS
  • answering questions and giving advice
  • Performing updates to the CMS (if a package has not been subscribed to)
  • Performing necessary updates after changes to external products or services. E.g., a new browser version, new (versions of) email software, services like Instagram or Facebook, plug-ins
  • fixing larger and smaller bugs that may crop up due to the changing environment within which a website operates, ranging from, for example, a photo that cannot be loaded to web pages that no longer work
  • the maintenance, security and optimization of servers and database(s) used by the website

A quick solution to problems

Websites are subject to the constantly changing reality. Technological novelties, a new browser version, an update of the CMS, changes to external services such as your CRM or e-mail tool. These are all things that have an impact on the operation of your website. It is possible that functionalities break down, your website slows down...

These are matters that unfortunately I cannot always foresee in advance but for which you can always contact me on weekdays. I will help you as quickly as possible in case of problems and take care of updates or extensions of your existing website.

Is this service paid for?

Yes, after the warranty period expires, all work, including fixing bugs and other problems, is always done on a paid basis. All hours are neatly tracked and invoiced every month at my hourly rate of 55 euros (excl. VAT).

When a change or request requires more than 4 hours of work, I will give an estimate of the time needed before taking action. Only after approval will work begin.